1.    Development of the procedures and devices to determine operational parameters and thermo-physical properties of heat and power processes
2.    Design of a dehydration complex of the natural gas boiler furnace gases using water steam heat
3.    Development of heat and steam producing devices for small-scale power generation
4.    Development of the methods and tools for high-precision modelling in real time and on infinite interval  of continuous physical spectrum of power generation, distribution and consumption processes in modern electric power systems under any (normal or emergency) operating conditions
5.    Development of the precise AC voltage calibrator for automatic electric power meter verification
6.    Development of solid  oxide fuel cells with improved capabilities for self-generated power supply
7.    Development of the stand-alone generation high-power devices
8.    Development of the smart power supply system operation practices
9.    Development of the automatic control systems for heat and power processes    
10.     Conduction of energy audits of production sites: design works, research activities, legal analysis of contractual relationships with energy suppliers, estimation of economic effect from implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures