1.    Development of hardware-software system for noncontact inspection of mechanical and thermal state of elements of electric drives, machines and mechanisms
2.    Development of an application technology of monochromatic X-ray beams for diagnostics in production and social  spheres
3.    Studies aimed to improve technical state reliability of pipelines for oil and gas industry
4.    Development and production of precision measuring instruments and systems with manual and programmable control
5.    Development of computer-aided electromagnetic diagnostics of nuclear physics plants
6.    Development of computer systems for meteorological investigations and measurements of process flow parameters
7.    Development of high-precision ultrasonic control and diagnostic devices
8.    Development of methods, devices and systems of control over chemical and physical pollution of working operational environment
9.    Development of pipeline integrity control technologies and devices using an acoustic emission method
10.    Development of a simulator complex to train personnel and engineers specializing in process flow automation
11.    Applied studies on friction, wear and smearing of equipment parts
12.    Development of methods and devices of water composition express-testing
13.    Development of new devices and methods of X-ray, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal tomography
14.    Qualitative and quantitative analysis, reverse engineering of new composite materials, industrial products applying the methods of X-ray, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal tomography.
15.    Development of digital radiography complexes, tomographic complexes of high energy for nondestructive testing