1.    Development of ultrafine powder materials and application of functional coatings based on them
2.    Development of new materials and coatings, technologies of beam and plasma modification of material properties
3.    Study of aromatic diazo salts and their use in order to obtain nano- and macroscale composition materials
4.    Development of optically-transparent nanoceramics for laser technologies, scintillator and other applications
5.    Development of technologies to create the bulk nanostructured materials applying dry powder compaction method
6.    Development of methods to synthesize polymer film materials on the basis of chemical industry wastes
7.    Development of new types of natural sorbents to localize and recycle emergency oil spills
8.    Development of new types of composite materials for various application fields
9.    Development of nanopowder manufacturing techniques
10.     Development of beam treatment and magnetron application of protective coating on metals and alloys
11.    Development of metallic high-abrasion-resistant alloy materials with self-organizing structure of friction surface
12.    Development of ultrasonic strengthening steel surface modification technologies
13.    Development of technologies to apply protective and hardening coatings with gas-discharged plasma