1.    Development, creation and distribution of geoinformational technologies of keeping technical and technological data record while in operation of utility networks in order to improve their observability, operational reliability and controllability
2.    Development of a software package to control data flows in order to improve efficiency of distributed networks of broadband access to multimedia data
3.    Development of electronic geoinformation systems to control flow processes, production and dispatching department
4.    Development of corporate information system (CIS),  business rule management systems (BRMS), automatic continuous process control systems
5.    Analysis and synthesis of control systems of objects with interval parameter ambiguity
6.    Development of software for automatic image enhancement with application of genetic algorithm and neuro-evolutionary approach
7.    Development of information and telecommunication systems to transmit data from hard-to-reach and moving objects
8.    Development of smart measuring systems and program measuring technologies
9.    Development of methods and algorithms to estimate properties of biological and social objects, algorithms and software for IC devices
10.    Development of software to model welding and cutting workflow
11.    Development of methods and technologies to forecast locations of hydrocarbon deposits using geophysical data
12.    Creation of CAD systems    
13.     Organization and conduction of human arts, sociological and marketing studies
14.    Development of company management models, management strategies
15.    Development of technologies dynamical modeling and control of critical structures
16.    Development of systems of telecommunications and control over a group of unmanned devices