1.    Study and optimization of manufacturing procedures of high-viscosity and nanomodified polymer insulating material using an extrusion technique
2.    Development and property investigation of insulating products and constructional parts made of thermoplastic material for the high-voltage electrophysical and electrical equipment, electrochemical plants, heat power engineering and mechanical engineering
3.    Development of surface modification technologies with ion beams and low-temperature plasma
4.    Creation and property investigation of the hydrogen-resistant coatings for engineering materials in nuclear power engineering, oil and gas industry, chemical industry
5.    Development of processes of zirconium component surface modification
6.    Development of fluoride treatment process of trace elements
7.    Development of electro pulse rock and concrete cutting technologies
8.    Studies aimed to improve wear resistance of rock destruction tools
9.    Development of new methods of stripping voltammetric and XF analysis of natural substances for precious and rare elements
10.    Technology of modifying surface properties of industrial products applying an ion-implantation method
11.    Development of the built-up tooling with a changeable multifaceted blade
12.    Development and study of new class of modern mechanical transmissions, design of mechanisms for flying vehicles and computer-aided manufacturing, kinematic and strength calculations, production techniques of transmission parts, calculation automation
13.    Development of pulse welding technology through a power supply smelting for it
14.    Development of the welding process control systems    
15.    Development of the welding technologies for high-alloy steels
16.    Development of antifriction coatings and different lubricants
17.    Development of foodstuff processing technologies
18.    Development of methods and equipment for electro-discharge destruction of rocks and concrete products (foundations, structure components, oversizes)
19.    Development of reclamation technologies for off-grade concrete products (floor slabs, bearers etc.)