1. Development of technologies of natural gas liquids processing into gasoline of “Euro-4” and “Euro-5” type
2. Development of software and hardware for optimization of refinery management
3. Development of compositions and manufacturing processes of dry mixes used in drilling
4. Development of methods of forecasting and search of crude hydrocarbon deposits, including radio geochemical ones
5. Development of new methods of ore deposit search
6. Development of new methods of integrated complex ore hydrometallurgical processing
7. Development of technologies of communication channel with a bottom-hole, based on faradic current excitation at rock destruction
8. Development of methods and devices for monitoring and forecasting of the geodynamic phenomenon development in rock masses of mine fields using the parameters of rock formation electro-magnetic emission
9. Development of position sensing and navigation systems of tunneling equipment
10. Development of the borehole tool assembly thermostatic systems designed for extended range of surrounding temperatures
11. Development of new drilling methods for extraction of commercial minerals
12. Development of new methods of the solid fossil fuel intra-formational processing, investigation of physical and chemical properties and compositional analysis of petroleum crude oils, their mixes and fractions as well as gas condensates
13. Geologic and geochemical studies for oil and gas industries
14. Development of the smart electric drives and gate valve control systems for oil and gas industries