1.    Study of biological tissue interaction with different man-made materials
2.    Development of bioactive coatings for metallic implants in medicine
3.    Studies aimed to get new synthetic and natural bioactive compounds and to create production technologies of medical drugs and supplies:
•    seizure medication
•    anti- opistarchosis medication
•    new medical diagnosticum (magnetic and contrast medium based on complex of manganese and iodine containing substrates for production of radiopharmaceutical agents)
•    principally new medical supplies based on the organo-modified nanoparticles
4.    Development of bioengineered systems of instant health check and functional deviation management
5.    Development of an electrochemical biosensor for health diagnostics and medication quality control
6.    Study of low-temperature plasma interaction with solid surface for various biomedical applications (biocompatible coatings of different chemical composition, sterilization in discharged plasma)
7.    Creation and study of new polyvalent iodine compounds for organic synthesis
8.    Development of low temperature methods of metal reduction from fluoride compounds
9.    Design of high-intensity fluoric electrolyzers
10.    Development of new catalyst systems based on gold and silver nanoparticles in zeolites matrixes
11.    Study of physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials in biological environments
12.    Development of high-silica zeolites synthesis processes applying new organic structure-forming additive and using them as a basis to create zeolites nanocomposite catalysts
13.    Development of new processes to obtain light olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons and engine fuels from light hydrocarbons, low molecular spirits: methanol and bioethanol
14.    Development and manufacturing of radionuclides allowing obtaining radiopharmaceuticals and isotopes of other designation
15.    Development of the recoverable and non-recoverable nanoelectrodes for electrocardiography, electroencephalography, electromyography, electrogastography, oculo-electrocohleography, study of galvanic skin response
16.    Development of environmentally-friendly methods and reagents for organic synthesis
17.    Development of highly functionalized hereocycle  synthesis methods  
18.    Development of new poly-functionalized heterocyclic ligands
19.    Creation of the innovative products for modern eco-biotechnology